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Our two holiday houses are both well-equipped and fantastically located, giving you an excellent starting point to discover Northern Denmark.


Holiday by the North Sea

On the top of Jutland lies Denmark’s sunny coast “Jammerbugten” with Northern Europe’s widest and best white sandy beaches that continue for as far as the eye can see. These beaches are surrounded by enormous lyme grass overgrown dunes with small sheltered “gaps” where you can bask in the sun and just be yourselves, and are the only of their kind in Northern Europe where you can drive your car on the beach and bring all your necessary equipment.

The nearby North Sea reveals one beautiful landscape after the other. This area is characterized by fresh air, unspoiled nature and extraordinary light, making it a popular place for innumerable artists and their workshops and galleries. Along the coast lie a number of relaxing bathing villages, attracting a Mediterranean atmosphere with surrounding cafes, restaurants, shops and night life.

Don’t miss the charming small gatherings of fishermen by the West Coast, where in the evening you can watch the fishermen backtrack their fishing boats to the beach as in the old days – and of course you can buy the fruits of the ocean, completely fresh fish, directly over the gunwale.

Apart from the outstanding bathing beaches, Northern Jutland is also known for its unbelievably beautiful sunsets, where the sun transforms into a large red ball that slowly sinks into the sea. The lovely scenery invites you to go hiking, bicycling, fishing and riding. There is also a good chance of seeing wildlife.

The 600-year-old romantic borough Skagen is, with its idyllic yellow houses and the lively fishing and yachting harbor, definitely worth a visit. On “The Twig” (Grenen), Denmark’s northernmost point, you can see the North Sea and Kattegat unite and therefore stand with a foot in each ocean.

In the evening you can sit on the terrace of the holiday house and enjoy a BBQ after a holiday full of good experiences by the North Sea.

During your stay our telephone/e-mail will be open for questions, recommendations and advice.

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