Rental terms:

The leasing contract includes mentioned holiday houses on the home page
More persons than the amount described in the description are not allowed to occupy the holiday house without special permission.

After paying 1st instalment the leasing contract is binding. The 1st instalment amounts to 25% of the total rent + deposit that must be paid by 8 days after the reservation has been made.

(If the group of tenants are younger than 25 years old it shall be declared).

– The tenant has the right to cancel the leasing until 90 days before the leasing period starts. If cancelled the paid in money deducted 15 per cent will be paid back.

– Change of holiday house and/or rental period, which only can be done 90 days before the start of the leasing period, can be done for fee of DKK 400,-.

– When cancelled later than 90 days before start of leasing period the total rental amount is lost, i.e. at any rate the 2nd instalment must be paid, being in our hands at the latest 6 weeks before start of leasing period. A cancellation is considered done at the moment where a written announcement about this is in our hands.

We are not taking on the responsibility of the tenant, as long as he/she occupy the holiday house, since no  insurance is taken out for tenant or fellow travelers informed in the leasing contract.

4. can with immediate effect terminate the leasing contract in case of force majeure (war, strike, natural disasters and the like) as well as if necessary forced sale or sale of the holiday house.

It is possible to additionally buy a “cancellation agreement” for a fee of 4 per cent of the total rental amount (however minimum DKK 100,-). The cancellation agreement makes it possible to cancel the holiday house and is only valid in case of acute, serious illness/disease or death of one of the travelers mentioned when booked.

The tenant is obliged to treat the holiday house, and all what belongs to it, carefully and properly, as he/she is responsible for all damages that he/she or his/her fellow travelers has caused. The tenant must, before leaving, compensate for all caused damages on the holiday house or furniture. If, during the rental time, any damages on the house or furniture should arise, tenant must inform us immediately. Tenant is obliged to keep the leased house clean and must at end of stay leave it in tidy and cleaned condition. If this is not the case, tenant must pay for cleaning.

7. is not taking on the responsibility for changes of conditions, that is not concerning the leased holiday house itself (e.g. change of bathing possibilities, fishing rights, closure of traffic routes/services, shops and so, road and building works),  just as we cannot be held responsible for deterioration of the tenant’s stay, when this is coursed by climatic conditions and local regulations and decrees (e.g. bathing prohibitions, closure of swimming pools etc.).

8. is entitled to increase the rent relatively in case of price increases, tax increases and changes of rate exchange, if clear documentation is shown. This, however, doesn’t give the tenant the right to resign the lease.

Eventual complaints about the leased house shall immediately when taking over, and no later than 48 hours from the leasing periods start or found of damage, be informed to, to here through seek to correct the error. Unsatisfying cleaning of the lease (e.g. after earlier tenant) has to be informed immediately on the date of moving in. Tenant has to allow us a reasonable time limit to correct or improve the error. If the tenant leaves the leased house before having informed the agency and without hereby have offered the agency a reasonable deadline to correct the error or damage, cannot be imposed any duty of paying back, as the tenant himself/herself has made it impossible a correction of the eventual damage or change of holiday house.’s liability to pay damages only includes direct economical damages, and can never exceed the total value of the paid lease. The agency cannot be held responsible for indirect damages, damages that comes as a consequence of other damages/acts (consequential), or intangible damages.

There will in special occasions (e.g. when bringing pets or groups of younger tenants) be claimed an extraordinary  deposit as arranged. The paid in amount will be paid back within 2 weeks after end of stay, in case the house is handed over according to the rental conditions.

Any disputes between and the tenant shall be brought before Frederiksberg Town Court, which shall be the agreed local court.